Questions and Answers

Where We Sail

Or dock is located at Salty Sam's Marina on the north end of Fort Myers Beach. After leaving the dock, we head West. Past the shrimp boat fleet and head under the Matanzas bridge and into the Gulf of Mexico at Matanzas pass. We then pick up a heading based on the best wind. This might mean we sail in front of Fort Myers Beach, or sail West around the tip of Sanibel. Since we try to sail on a broad reach, this means we are generally in the lee of the island so the water is calmer. Either way, we are rarely more than a few miles offshore.

What We Might See On Our trips.

During the winter, dolphin are everywhere enjoying the clearer water that comes with the winter months. You might also spot turtles, Eagle rays, pelicans and all kinds of other birds.  Escape also has a draft of only thirty inches, which means she can get into the backwater channels in search of dolphins in the bay.

Captain Jay has extensive knowledge of marine life and always looks forward to your questions.


What will we see?

Everything and nothing. It all depends on whether or not you're looking at the water. Dolphins, manatees, eagle rays jumping,  cow nosed rays swimming,  all kinds of birds, and turtles. You just have to pay attention to the water.


Can we swim?

There might be days during the summer when the water is clear enough and warm enough, but for the most part, no. This is a trip on a catamaran sailboat. You can swim when you get back to the beach. Enjoy your time onboard.


Can we fish?

No. Just no. This is a sailboat. We sail.  If you want to fish, charter a fishing boat. They fish. Really just too much of a pain to try to fish.


Can we have seven or eight passengers?

No. Coastguard rules  say a maximum of six passengers. It isn't worth my license to run in violation of the rules.


Do infants count as a passenger?

Yes. If it breathes air and, or,  looks kind of like a human it counts as a passenger.


Can we have alcohol on board?

Alcohol is recommended  to make the captains sense of humor more enjoyable. Drunkenness is not recommended


Can we  bring food onboard?

Snacks and sandwiches are great.

Please avoid things that have a lot of red sauce or cheetos. These tend to stain the cushions and the fiberglass. So please, no spaghetti. Or hot wings.


Do you serve food?

In a nutshell, no. However we always have apples

and usually grapes and whatever else we pick up,

and you're more than welcome to them.

There are also usually some peanuts or cashews onboard. Please warn us ahead of time if you have peanut allergies.


Do you furnish alcohol?

We would, but the ATF  has these things called rules. And besides, everyone would want their own special liquor,  beer or wine and the boat would look like a floating liquor store. So please bring your own.


Is red wine ok onboard?

Red wine is okay, but only allowed on the trampoline. Please try to not stain, or stand on, the cockpit cushions.


How many sunset cruises do you do a day?

This was an Actual question!

You can't make this stuff up.

Will we see dolphins?

Probably. But like any wild animal, there's no guarantee.


What if it rains?

The boat has a big cabin to get in out of any small showers. Larger showers will be taken into consideration and either cut the trip short or sail through them.


Can it be too windy to sail?

Yes. This isn't a test of my ability or my boats ability. This is a fun relaxing time. So if the winds are exceeding 22 knots continuous it won't be a pleasant experience for anyone. That's when we stay in and your deposit is returned.


Is there a restroom on board?

Yes, in marine terms it's called a head. It's located in the cabin and down the stairs to the left (port), and back (astern). There are instructions posted on how to use it. It's really quite simple to use.


Will we get seasick?

Who knows?  The captain has been known to suffer Mal de mare before, but if you look at the horizon, you should be just fine. If high winds are expected

on the day of your trip, take a motion sickness tablet when you wake up.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We also take cash and will on occasion even

take that extinct form of payment, the check.

Upon booking your charter, you will be asked to provide a credit card number over the phone for your deposit.  After your trip, you can either leave it on that card, or do another form of payment.


What's the cancellation policy?

If the winds are too strong (22 knots sustained or above) or if storms are rolling in, the trip will be cancelled and your deposit returned. If the captain isn't having fun it's safe to say you won't be having fun either. If you decide to cancel more than 48 hours before the trip, your deposit will be returned.


Can we book online?

Not yet, but my Web developer is working on it


Are dogs permitted on board?

Yes, but you get to clean up after them.  You also get to pay for anything they chew up.


What if we want to stay out longer.

As long as there  isn't another trip booked  and everyone is in agreement, the trip can go longer. Price will be adjusted at the dock.


Can we stay overnight on the boat?

Only if you are a really cute single female.

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